Do you want to be part of our team? IASSA is a company founded with the objective of creating new job opportunities for people wish to have a career opportunity with a fast growing, dynamic organization. In IASSA we are convinced that the human capital is a fundamental part for success of our company. Motivating and rewarding our employers is essential so they can stay and grow with the company. In ISSA we encourage teamwork with a diverse and respectful space. We provide our employees with an environment that challenges them, and yet gives them opportunity to express creativity. Please send your curriculum vitae to the next address, with work titles that you are requiring in the subject line.  
  • Supervisor Profile


    • Manage up to 4 teams of 15 agents each
    • Work directly with clients to scope and plan campaigns
    • Supervises team captains and meets with them to ensure completion of the metrics of the customer
    • Evaluates reports, provides information and direct guidance to Team Leaders in performance
    • Prepare guidelines for corrective actions in case of not achieving the objectives
    • Oversees corrective action measures and makes all adjustments necessary to ensure success
    • Recommends potential products or services for management by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs
    • Manages Team Leader’s discipline when necessary, and approves the disciplinary measures with agents
    • Approves Agent schedules according to customer requirements and Senior Management
    • Manages the escalation of calls from customers or other contacts as needed
    Skills / Requirements:
    • Excellent oral and written skills in English
    • Advanced Customer Service skills
    • Basic to advanced knowledge of PC software
    • Ability to Focus in challenging situations
    • Troubleshooting Skills
    • Documentation skills including clear, concise writing
    • Listening and communication skills
    • Superior telephone skills
    • Conflict resolution (Internal and External)
    • Analytical Skills
    • Advanced Multitasking and Time Management Skills
    Required studies
    • Minimum High school diploma, (college degree preferred)
    • Advanced Computer Skills Training (Windows/Office)
    • Advanced English Training
    • Previous or Call Center Customer Service Management Training and Experience preferred
    • Only candidates with superior English Accepted
    • Job requires strong level 8+ verbal language skills.
    Please do not send your resume unless it meets these requirements.

  • Team Leader


    • Management of team of 10-15 Call Center Agents
    • Provides information and floor training to improve the agents skills and performance
    • Monitors team calls and provide realtime feedback
    • Provides information to senior management and clients on agent performance
    • Recommends potential products or services to management by collecting customer information and analysis of customer needs
    • Manage the discipline of agents when necessary
    • Manage Schedules based on customer and Senior Management requirements
    • Manages customer call escalations to management
    Skills / Qualifications:
    • Excellent written and spoken English skills
    • Customer service skills
    • Basic to advanced PC Software Knowledge
    • Quality Focus
    • Troubleshooting
    • Documentation skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Telephone skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Data analysis
    • Multi-tasking
    Education Required (Same as Agent)
    • Previous experience in Call Center and Customer Service Management prefered
    • Resume in English only Accepted
    • This job requires strong verbal skills Language Level 7+.
    • Please do not submit a resume unless you meet these requirements.

  • Agent Profile


    • Call handling as dictated by the assigned project, whether incoming or outgoing calls
    • Record all the necessary information on the basis of respective customer data
    • Email or chat with the client.
    • Solve service or product clarifying problems and address complaints
    • Prepare reports required product or service based on collecting and analyzing customer information
    • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing goals as stipulated
    Skills / Requirements:
    • Excellent English, both spoken and written
    • Excellent Customer Service Skills
    • General knowledge of the use of Computer Software
    • Problem solving and conflict management
    • Telephone skills
    Academic Requirements:
    • High School Diploma (Minimum)
    • Computer Training with Microsoft Office and Windows
    • Advanced training in English (not essential but desired)
    • Experience or prior training call center, sales or customer service experience (not essential but desired)

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