Our Technology

Caribbean Contact Center philosophy is simple. Invest in three areas for success:


Invest in recruitment. Put technology and great human resources together and empower them to find the best results. Then develop talent by further investing in their training and personal development.


Create processes that create quality results, while at the same time allowing enough flexibility in those processes to encourage creativity where appropriate. We believe in managing the processes not the processes managing us.

And Technology

We spent months evaluating Contact Center platforms, we decided to go with a partner that could provide us with instant access to advanced features, while providing us with the maximum in scalability. CCC has a strong infrastructure as far a connection, networks and agents’equipment, as well as security software and redundant power.

The facility is protected by a biometric entry system, which also provides a record of Agent arrival and departure.

CCC has built a scalable, adaptable and flexible architecture designed to adapt to and accommodate partner needs and requirements and to scale up or down depending on our needs. Cloud based infrastructure means we are able to add agents rapidly, and deploy technology as needed to our agent desktops in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks.

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