Why Work With Us?



Who are we?

  • Full Service, multi-channel Bilingual Contact Center
  • Located in La Ceiba, on Honduras’ Caribbean Coast
  • Scalable to over 300 Seats
  • Best location in Honduras for Bilingual Talent
  • Dedicated group of entrepreneurial Investors
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Redundancy in all major systems, including internet and power

Our Advantages

  • Price competitiveness based on reasonable expectations and margins
  • Flexible terms that provide guarantees of performance for our partners
  • Best Quality English in Central America
  • Scalability up to 300 Agents in a very short time
  • Highly educated and motivated workforce
  • Focused on Partnerships
  • Five-9 Cloud Based Platform (Industry Leader)

Contact Us to find out how we…

  • Can save you money
  • Offer bilingual support to the growing Spanish speaking market in the U.S.
  • Help you grow with less investment in infrastructure
  • Provide you with offshore backup capability in the case of natural disaster or other misfortune
  • Help you with seasonal issues like rapid scaling for holidays
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